Krister White

Krister has been involved in the work of spiritual care and education since 2007 both as a hospital chaplain and ACPE Certified Educator. In these roles, he bears witness to the painful realities of our chaotic and creative world that provoke and inspire our desire to create meaning and derive hope from traumatic and difficult situations. In his work with residents and interns in the worlds of medicine and chaplaincy, Krister enjoys the challenge of integrating the commitments of theology, behavioral sciences, and adult education theory to help students increase the space they have to make room for others' stories so that patients, families, and staff feel seen, heard, and supported.

In addition to his work as a chaplain and spiritual care educator, Krister is the father of three children under the age of ten. This vocation has been the most meaningful impetus for his ongoing education and personal exploration. As Carl Jung once noted, "Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”  Krister's life experiences have given him the opportunity to learn deeply about a number of subjects that inform his life and work including: codependence, shame resilience, toxic and high conflict relationship dynamics, constructive developmental theory, family systems theory, grief theory, the Enneagram, Jungian approaches to growth, and insights from some of the world's great religious, existential, and psychological traditions. 

Krister is devoted to embracing wholeheartedness and to helping others in their own journeys toward more fully inhabiting their lives and relationships. He is available to offer spiritually supportive consulting and coaching, facilitate support groups, and to speak on a variety of topics including but not limited to: spiritual care for clergy and lay persons, wholehearted living, grief & loss, dynamics of codependence and recovery, how to recover from and relate to persons with toxic personalities, and learning how to embrace all of life as an adventure in the education of the soul.