young love


Catching your eye 

at the end of the day,

I can tell you are carrying

the embers of your latest flame.

Your embarrassed half smile

says you hope I will inquire

because there is a beauty

in your bashful bliss 

that needs a proper audience.

Your firm embrace, 

an expression of love's fierce tangibility,

takes my breath away.

I ask you to share,

and you laugh looking away

with a grin that reminds me

of my own awkward apprenticeship to love,

the vulnerable and openhearted 

posture toward what is

and what is to come.

We talk with one another

for as long as you are comfortable

receiving what it is 

that has so fully stricken you.

I am grateful that you

attract the kindness and respect

you deserve.

I know it won't always be this way,

so I force myself to sit here 

a little longer

feeling the fullness of your joy

and trusting that I may 

have much to learn from you

and your young love.

Krister White