hide and seek

in the beginning

of sitting zazen,

breathing in the world,

exhaling the self,

there is a moment

of perfect union

and free fall

that paradoxically holds you

and everything


as the mind and body

get reacquainted once again.

on the horizon is your appointment

with disintegration,

the daily, ritualized destiny

brought about by

experiences too common

and mundane

to name

and yet by the time

the sun is at its peak

beyond your temporary,

windowless world

your body and mind

have traveled at light speed

in opposite directions

each in a hurry to get


each with a piece of the map,

each with just enough stubbornness

to refuse to ask for directions

or to repair the split

that might give them a clue

beyond the half

with the star that mocks,

"You are here"

without a clear destination

or the half that reveals

the destination

with no clear route.

gripped with fear

and momentary

integrative amnesia,

you take a deep breath

as if it were your first,

and suddenly

two become one,

the path becomes clear,

even if just for a bit,

and the game

of hide and seek

starts over once again

inside you.

Krister White