searching for God knows what


Searching for God knows what,

the road comes to an abrupt, dead end.

All those miles 

and the ground

over which you’ve traveled

now behind you

and within you.

There is no way forward,

only a fork in the road

requiring a change of direction,

beckoning you to allow 

the heart

to sit in the driver’s seat for once.

Letting go of the steering wheel,

blood rushes back to your tense fingers.

Shoulders drop,

and you slowly,

but gratefully, take your place

in the passenger seat

of your soul’s life,

unconcerned with which way

the car turns,

for the heart knows

how to get there from here.

Slowly, you close your eyes

and drift off to sleep

to the sound of tires

over asphalt.


and fully


to the one

who should have been

driving all along.

Krister White