caged children

All things work

for the good

(or so they say).

I wish

some things

took a vacation.

Our cup

overflows with work

that is a second cousin,

at best,

to the good.

No one says

how long

these things take

or by what standard

we might judge something

as good.

I call bullshit

on the narrative arc

that pacifies,


or justifies

by asking us

to blur our vision

toward some distant horizon

that will make all of this


when seen from some

(currently) unavailable

eternal perspective.

Spare me

the toxic positivity

that sees silver linings

in open parking spaces

and abandoned pennies,

that can simply change the channel,

(publicly) donate to charities,

and raise a voice of privileged protest

on streets

(paved by persons

who would lose their jobs

for missing work)

and through socially mediated self righteousness.

In these truly

godforsaken times

our hope

is the very thing

that blinds us

and binds us

from seeing

the worth of the child

now caged.

As within,

so without.

Krister White