a blessing for beginnings

Speak to me of life 

In tongues of fire

That baffle in their discordant notes

Dependent on strangers to interpret

The voice inside whose language seems foreign

Speak to me of death

Let scales fall from these eyes

That I may see others and myself

Rather than fuzzy figures resembling trees

Speak to me of impermanence 

Let flame give way to smoke

Reminding me of my sometimes resistant

Embrace of all things ephemeral

Speak to me of solidity

Of all that stands the test of time

In stone and in circles

Through beating drums and beating hearts

Speak to me of endings

Loosen my grip on every map to which I've clung

Soften my heart to merge with grief

That I might learn to walk again in the dark

Speak to me of beginnings

Of tentative first steps

Of risk

And of necessary failures 

In the service of growth

Of numinosity

Of creative sparks 

Arising in the space between

Of losing oneself in the flow of chi

And finding oneself in the eyes of another

Mysterious Spirit

Muse of our ancestors

Elusively present

Creatively absent

Lend your breath to these lungs that they may breathe deeply from the air of our shared humanity so that our collective breath may give life back to the ever expanding circles to which you call us. Amen.

Krister White