where shadow dances


Walking together in open fields

Wide blankets of grass beneath our feet

We dreamed of worlds expansive

As the path that lay before us

Hand in hand

Heart to heart

Our feet carrying our bodies forward

While something like souls called in the distance

From behind,

"Wait for us!"

Was it foolish to think we could outrun

These abandoned parts

By keeping our vision fixed

And moving our feet

To the quickening beat of racing hearts

A rhythmic conduction of

Excitement and fear

Hope and despair

Trust and mistrust

Passion and tenderness

Grass transformed to uneven terrain

Rocky soil that surprised even in its familiarity

As the path ahead presented questions

For which we were unprepared

The sun's rays peek from behind

A canopy of aged trees

Whose roots are deep

And whose branches stretch out

In nearly every direction

Casting immersive shade

Bathing us in a sea of gray

The road narrows up ahead

There is no way out but through you say

The pathway into darkness

Is not wide enough for two

Loosening our clasped hands

I fall back

Heart in hand

You quicken your pace

Into that place where shadow dances


Save for the soul-filled voice

That passed me quickly

Anxious to catch up with you

Once and for all

Krister White