cliff edge of reason


Stand with me here

At the cliff edge of reason

Lose yourself

In the tender embrace

Of this colorful expanse

Distant beauty luring us

Beyond the knowns

Of our inner worlds

Beyond the fears

That keep our feet

Tethered to sand and rock

Trust the eyes

That make this view possible

Windows to the soul

Brilliant refractors

Of light

Offering us impressions

Of a beauty

We don't feel we deserve

Why do we feel embarrassed of joy

Or refuse the relentless advances of gratitude

As if by pushing away such gifts

We exert the illusion of control

Over this chaotic genesis collective

So practiced at bowing our heads

In the face of goodness

Our spirit's spine is curved

Keeping our gaze fixed

Just beyond our dusty path

Breathe deeply here

Fill up completely

The wind that blows

Where it will

Is on our side

Backs straighten

Heads held high

The sun sets

With a brilliance so majestic

The heart hurts

Remembering things

Beyond the outstretched grasp

Of memory

Draw close

As the horizon

Unfurls ahead and within

Hold my hand

Surely this air will hold our weight

Krister White