nocturnal nostalgia

confused for a moment

eyes still closed

the dog stirs

i forget where i am

dreams disappear

down the drain

of wakefulness

i am not yet

fully back to life

nor can i seem to let go

of the other world

out of which

i have been spit out

onto this shore

the world created in darkness

like sand slipping through my fingers

leaves behind residual memories

both absent and present

like a scent

i forgot i was wearing

a feeling

an image

surely it will

come back to me

closing my eyes

as if one could trick

the author of these stories

to plunge me back into

those same watery depths

i am fooling myself again

resigned feet

find solid ground

meeting the force

of this grief worn body

eyes slowly opening

each step making

this world,


increasingly more real

Krister White