born at the end of the world

Sandro Botticelli,  The Birth of Venus

Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus

sometimes you are held and healed

by placing your heart in the hands

of persons whose well worn shoes

elicit the shy inner pair

of trust and vulnerability.

unfamiliar terrain,

disorienting beauty,

and uncommon self-honesty

unleashes within you

flowing water

to parts of yourself

long thought landlocked.

marked by the shell of Venus,

Inanna reborn through Roman eyes,

you follow the Janus path

full of her love and beauty.

immersing yourself in the shadowy depths

of your own heart,

looking ahead and backwards


in search of a new birth

delivered through death.

generations of companions

outside of time as you know it

now travel beside you

and within you,

sharing in each step's

necessary, death dealing

blows to the ego,

contractions of the soul,

preparing for the arrival

of your long awaited Self,

born at the end of the world.

Krister White