the day after


I almost forgot

what day it was.

A random glance

in the middle of

an otherwise mundane

moment brought to mind

a thousand images

now housed in shoe boxes

placed on the top shelf

in the memory's closet,

nearly out of reach.

Impossible to discard

completely, they pop up

here and there

with inexplicable timing

that stops me in my tracks.


lets it all in

at once.

Nostalgia's welcome arrival

lingers just long enough

to open the door

for darker recollections

to take up residence

in the heart.

Long after

the chaos subsides

it is still hard

to remember

that some memories

need to be held close

like a newborn child

while others deserve

their place upside down

in the back of the shoe box

in the deepest corner

of that closet

where I hope

they will remain

just a little longer

than the last time.

Krister White