human hearts

The human heart

carries an ineluctable quality

of resilience in its faithful beat.

Suddenly moved by possibility,

the world beyond and within

opens up, inviting us

to suspend disbelief,

at least temporarily.

Hearts beat quickly,

reminders that life is

to be lived.

Just as suddenly

invitations to descent arrive

that the soul

cannot refuse anymore

than we could still our

heart through sheer act of will.

Doors to possibility close,

ushering goodbyes for which

we are never truly prepared.

Worlds beyond and within shrink

to sizes that constrict almost any

capacity for hope.

Yet even here we are audience

to a faint soundtrack

in the background

of our cacophonic lives.

Accompanied within

by a metaphoric and literal

muscle animating soul and body,

the downbeat of the heart

begins again.

Music to our ears.

Krister White