Desolation is a pregnancy

brought about by the seed

of expectation and control.

Stillborn hope

carried to full term.

How much we wish

we could abort

the process of embracing


There are no procedures

sterile enough,

no anesthesia

powerful enough

to delay the appointment

placed on the calendar

of the human heart.

Sometimes pain and agony

lead not to a happy ending

but deliver unto us

an emptiness that

we must hold.

It must be held.

In our beholding

we cuddle in our arms

the pain of humanity.

And while we did not

wish for it,

it is what we have been given.

Perhaps we think there are

answers grand enough to make

holding this nothingness less heavy

(there aren't).

But desolation is the umbilical

connection we share with all.

Hold it just a little longer.

Behold it.

She is your teacher.

One day she will grow up

to become Sophia.

Krister White